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Meru develops two new 802.11ac enterprise access points with higher speed and capacity

Dual-stream enterprise access points support 802.11ac wireless data rate up to 867Mbps via standard IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Meru develops two new 802.11ac enterprise access points with higher speed and capacity

Meru has added 802.11ac capability to its wireless access point product offering, delivering a number of Wi-Fi improvements including wider channels, higher encoding density, a larger number of spatial streams, and beamforming for more reliable links. Eventually multi-user MIMO will be available, which lets the access point send/receive with up to four clients at the same time. The result is higher throughput and greater capacity to meet the demands of many more Wi-Fi clients for real-time mobile applications such as video and voice.

The new AP122 and AP822 access points feature two radios, one for 2.4GHz where it can support 802.11n, and one for 5GHz, which is required for 11ac. With two spatial streams, the 11ac radios can achieve a maximum 11ac data rate of up to 867Mbps, which in some instances can exceed competing products that have a three-stream 11ac radio.

The 867Mbps data rate is achieved by making full use of the 80MHz wide channel specified in the 11ac standard. Some 11ac access points have to balance tradeoffs between data rate and power use: sometimes using, or at least recommending, the narrower 40MHz channels; and sometimes reducing data rates in order to run on existing 802.3af Power over Ethernet connections.

AP822The Meru AP122 is wall mounted by removing an existing Ethernet wall plate, adding a Meru bracket and then snapping on the access point. The antenna has been redesigned to take into account the lower, wall-oriented configuration, instead of a traditional ceiling mount. The AP122 has two radios, each supporting dual streams. There is a gigabit Ethernet backhaul port, an RJ45 pass-through port, and two additional 10/1000 Ethernet ports.

Ideal for hospital, hotel and dorm rooms, the AP822 access point allows administrators to prioritize applications to improve the user experience via deployed channel layers. The AP822 also has two radios, one for supporting two 11ac spatial streams.

Both wireless enterprise access points work with existing 802.3af Power over Ethernet infrastructures.

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Author: Garth Miller  Published: 07 Apr 2014

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