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Moxa develops high-bandwidth industrial Ethernet solutions with PoE+ capability for quad-play networks

High-bandwidth industrial Ethernet solutions provide the infrastructure to handle more complex network transmissions from bandwidth-hungry quad-play services.

Moxa develops high-bandwidth industrial Ethernet solutions with PoE+ capability for quad-play networks

Moxa has released a new series of high-bandwidth integrated solutions that ensure high network availability to provide bandwidth-hungry quad-play services over a single converged network. The high-bandwidth solutions not only offer a complete product portfolio from edge-to-core ‑ including GbE/ 10GbE switches, GbE security, PoE/ PoE+ switches, 802.11n wireless solutions, and full HD/HD IP cameras ‑ but also help customers around the world design improved network infrastructures.

“In the past, building a single converged network for industrial automation was fairly straightforward since networks only transmitted small amounts of data and the throughput rates were relatively low,” says Chih-Hong Lin, Business Development Manager Industrial Ethernet at Moxa Europe. “However, as more and more devices for multiple communication interfaces are now being deployed in industrial automation networks, the demand for converged quad-play services (data, voice, video, and control data) has increased dramatically. Network transmission is becoming more complex and requires bigger bandwidth to transmit different types of data, especially large amounts of video data. With the growing demand for bandwidth-hungry systems in industrial applications, operators must consider an integrated plan to ensure network availability.”

Bandwidth-hungry systems, such as video surveillance systems, have been widely adopted in various applications including railway, tunnel, and e-bus, which require comprehensive network design to provide seamless transmission.

Moxa┬┤s long-standing expertise and extensive insight into network design and infrastructure result in a comprehensive product portfolio optimized for quad-play services. In addition to a full line of high-bandwidth wired (GbE/ 10 GbE switches) and wireless (802.11n wireless solutions) devices, Moxa provides full HD and HD IP cameras for IP surveillance systems and Gigabit PoE+ switches to support the growing power consumption demands of outdoor IP cameras and wireless access points.  

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Author: Garth Miller  Published: 18 Nov 2014

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