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ComNet develops industrially hardened dual radio wireless Ethernet link

The new NetWave® NW8 dual radio Ethernet device is a wireless perimeter transmission solution that supports redundant ring and drop and insert wireless network topology

ComNet develops industrially hardened dual radio wireless Ethernet link

ComNet has expanded its NW Series environmentally hardened wireless Ethernet product offering with the introduction of the NetWave® NW8 dual radio wireless Ethernet link. Designed to be used with an external antenna, the NW8 wireless dual radio Ethernet transmission device supports redundant ring and “Drop-and-Insert” functionality on a wireless network.

The NW8 models feature dual gigabit Ethernet ports that support up to two IP connections and allow for multiple IP cameras to be aggregated onto the wireless network. The NW8 can be powered by an IEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliant device or through a supplied power injection module with the second Ethernet port operational as an IEEE802.3at PoE power source equipment (PSE). This makes the NW8 dual radio wireless Ethernet link a suitable solution for large-scale perimeter protection for facilities such as airports, border patrol and other large facilities where a wired infrastructure is cost-prohibitive.  



Both radios can be configured through the embedded user interface as a client or as an access point. Radio 2 supports 5GHz operation and is connected to the 19dBi internal antenna. Radio 1 is user selectable for 5GHz or 2.4GHz and connects to an external antenna. The dual radio wireless Ethernet link supports up to 145Mbps throughput using MIMO technology.

The NW8 is FCC certified for use in North America and the NW8E is ETSI, DFS and TPC certified for use in the European Union.

For more information, go to the NW8 dual radio wireless Ethernet device product page

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Author: Garth Miller  Published: 11 Jun 2014

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