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D-Link 10G stackable smart managed switches reduce energy consumption, increase network security

A simple, cost effective means of managing networks of all sizes, the DGS-1510 Series SmartPro switch supports physical stacking through 10G connectivity to create fault-tolerant network solutions and centralized switch management through virtual stacking via D-Link's Single IP Management (SIM), allowing up to 32 devices to be managed via a single IP.

D-Link 10G stackable smart managed switches reduce energy consumption, increase network security

The DGS-1510 Series offers 16, 24 and 48 10/100/1000Mbps port versions, including two Gigabit SFP ports and two 10G SFP+ ports, as well as one 24-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) option for businesses looking to power VOIP phones, wireless access points, or network cameras. Providing flexibility in power allocation and affordable installation costs, the 24-port PoE SmartPro switch delivers up to 30W of power output following the IEEE 802.3at standard.  Featuring D-Link Green 3.0 technology, the DGS-1510 series offers a high level of energy saving and efficiency, as it complies with the IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard. When combined with the port scheduling functionality that allows ports or the network to be powered down when not in use, the DGS-1510 Series 24-port PoE switch helps reduce costs while increasing network security.  

This expanded DGS-1510 Series product offering simplifies management of small workgroups and wiring closets while allowing the network to be scaled to handle increased bandwidth demand. The inclusion of 10G SFP+ ports makes this series well suited for deployments in the core network of smaller businesses with high bandwidth demands for data replication and backup, video on demand applications and server virtualization. The 10G network core also future-proofs network capacity, important especially as more mobile devices are being used in the work environment. For medium- to large-scale enterprise deployment, it can serve as an aggregator for the edge of the network

DSG SeriesThe DGS-1510 Series stackable smart managed switch with 10G uplinks help bridge the gap between traditional smart switches and a more expensive fully-managed switches that offer features beyond what small- to medium-sized businesses need. The DGS-1510 Series can provide a more gradual upgrade path that provides businesses, educational organizations and security companies with performance and features to match a managed switch, but with the price tag, flexibility and ease of use of a smart switch.

The series brings a range of features previously only available on high-end managed switches. These include extensive Layer 2 features and Layer 3 traffic management, Quality of Service (QoS) and bandwidth control as well as several green power saving options.

A comprehensive management solution makes it easy to manage the entire network through a web-based GUI or the D-Link Network Assistant using features like automatic switch discovery and batch operations, amongst others. This is augmented by strong security including innovative IP-MAC-Port binding, Safeguard Engine, ACL and ARP Spoofing Prevention to protect the network from malicious attacks and illegal access.

SIM not only reduces the number of IP addresses needed in your network but also allow switches to be stacked together over Ethernet instead of using physical uplink or stacking ports. This eliminates the need for any specialized stacking cables while at the same time removing the distance barriers that typically limit your topology options when using other stacking technology.

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Author: Garth Miller  Published: 20 Mar 2014

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