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Philips develops connected lighting systems, delivers smartphone control for office lighting

Utilizing Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to connect office lighting fixtures to a building’s IT network, the lighting system acts as an information pathway, enabling workers to control and access other building services via their smartphones and allowing them to enjoy greater visual comfort and productivity.

Philips develops connected lighting systems, delivers smartphone control for office lighting

Office lighting fixtures, when outfitted with sensors, are able to capture anonymous data on room occupancy, temperature and humidity. They connect to the IT network and interface with other building systems such as heating, ventilation and IT services. This benefits the facility manager who has a single system showing real time and historical views of building utilization. For example, he or she could see that on a Friday afternoon a particular floor is not used and adjust the temperature, lighting, and cleaning roster accordingly. Having an integrated view of a building’s occupancy patterns and energy usage provides for more informed decision making with unprecedented levels of energy and operational efficiency.

The Philips system allows office workers to control the lighting in open plan offices as well as temperature in meeting rooms, to suit their individual preferences. Their smartphones will detect their location from overhead lighting fixtures via an app. The potential savings on a building’s operational costs will be significant, given that heating, cooling and lighting together account for 70% of a building’s energy usage.

Standards-based PoE-enabled fixtures also deliver significant cost savings on lighting installation. As these fixtures receive both data and power over a single Ethernet connection, there is no need for expensive electrical wiring, reducing installation costs by up to 50%.

For more information, go to Philips lighting control products page

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Author: Garth Miller  Published: 02 Apr 2014

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