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Planet offers convenient high speed outdoor wireless LAN solution

Model WNAP-6306 wireless outdoor access point uses PoE and offers up to 150Mbps data rate and features a built in N-Type antenna connector

Planet offers convenient high speed outdoor wireless LAN solution

Wireless Outdoor Access Points brings users much more flexibility in extending outdoor wireless coverage as it is designed to be easily attached to the antenna directly. With built-in N-Type antenna connector, the WNAP-6306 can directly connect with suitable antennas including high gain types. Uisng such antennas hops can be up to 10Km. Adopting IEEE 802.11n advanced 1T1R MIMO technology, the WNAP-6306 provides reliable wireless network coverage and incredible improvement in the wireless performance. It can deliver data rate up to 150Mbps, which is three times faster than normal 802.11g wireless devices.

Planet WNAP-6306The WNAP-6306 especially benefits users to easily build outdoor wireless network with its Plug-n-Link capability via the built in N-Type antenna connector. The N-Type antenna connector is most commonly adapted with outdoor antenna and the mounting-free design of outdoor enclosure. Users can directly plug the WNAP-6306 into the mounted antenna, and then the wireless link is constructed immediately. Therefore, even users who never experience the wireless network installation can accomplish the wireless deployment quickly.

Flexible configuration for the WNAP-6306 from PlanetThe WNAP-6306 is perfectly suitable to be installed in outdoor environments and exposed locations. With its IP65 casing protection, the WNAP-6306 can perform stably under rigorous weather conditions such as heavy rain and wind. The WNAP-6306 uses a proprietary Power over Ethernet (PoE) design, so it can be easily installed in any area where power outlets are unavailable. It is the best way using the WNAP-6306 to build outdoor wireless access applications between buildings on campuses, businesses, rural areas and etc.

Editor's Note: Planet have chosen to use a proprietary implementation of power over ethernet, perhaps surprising when the established standards are so widespread and are able to deliver the 15W apparently required. Users will need to ensure a compatible PSE (Power sourcing equipment) is used. Disclaimer: If you blow something up it's nothing to do with us!

Suitable (from Planet) antennas:
ANT-OM8, ANT-OM15, ANT-FP9, ANT-FP18, ANT-SE18, ANT-YG13, ANT-YG20, and ANT-GR21.

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Author: Planet / Tony Wright  Published: 20 Aug 2012

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