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Revolabs Executive Elite™ 4 and 8 channel wireless microphone systems improve connectivity with distributed architecture

Wireless microphone system supports installations requiring an increased numbers of microphones, provides enhanced integration with room control systems and facilitates remote management capabilities.

Revolabs Executive Elite™ 4 and 8 channel wireless microphone systems improve connectivity with distributed architecture

Revolabs has expanded its Executive Elite™ family of boardroom and conference room audio solutions to include a 4- and 8-channel wireless microphone system. Using a new distributed architecture, the remote antenna receiver unit can be placed in the same room as wireless microphones, improving wireless connectivity. The system's remote antenna receiver and base DSP units connect via a standard Cat 6 cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support to facilitate and ease installations. Whether ceiling or wall mounted, the remote antenna receiver unit can be placed in the room where the wireless microphones are located despite the location of the receiver base DSP unit.

With improved audio management capabilities enabling significantly enhanced audio pickup, improved signal-to-noise ratio, and expanded digital signal communication over the wireless link, the Executive Elite products can deliver the audio quality and density required for today's audio and video conferencing. When combining these advancements with Revolabs "Designed for Speech" technology, the Executive Elite microphones provide a higher level of audio quality suitable for most communication applications.

Revolabs Executive Elite systems support up to four or eight microphones and employ Revolabs OTA™ technology. Revolabs OTA technology enables receivers in relative proximity to one another to synchronize automatically, thus allowing deployments of multiple Revolabs Executive Elite receivers to take advantage of up to 60 high-definition audio channels in North America, South America, and Japan. In Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, Executive Elite receivers benefit from up to 120 high-definition channels and when switching to high-density mode, the receivers can tap into even more channels. The distributed architecture serves to further support deployments requiring significant numbers of microphones for audio and unified communication applications.

The Executive Elite receiver pairs exclusively with the full suite of Revolabs Executive Elite microphones and adapters. The suite includes omni directional, directional, gooseneck (6-inch and 12-inch variations), and wearable microphones as well as XLR and TA4 (mini XLR) adapters. Microphones and adapters can be mixed and matched to suit the user's deployment requirements.

Revolabs Executive Elite offers both local and remote "cloud-based" system management. The base DSP unit's display provides administrators with information on microphone status, audio and radio signal strength, and system performance. The local Web-based interface also allows both installers and system administrators to manage the system locally by connecting a laptop or tablet directly to the base DSP unit via USB. The enhanced integration capabilities supporting third party room control systems enables management of the audio behavior in the room from a single console. For remote management, including third-party managed installations, the Revolabs Executive Elite offers a cloud-based management environment that provides information and management for all Revolabs Executive Elite customer specific installations on a single screen.

Editor's Note: PoE system is not specified as meeting IEEE802.3af or IEEE802.3at standards.

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Author: Garth Miller  Published: 20 Feb 2014

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