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Silvertel’s new high-efficiency DC/DC converter enables PoE compatibility

The IEEE802.3af compliant Ag9120-S DC/DC converter combines higher power ratings with smaller a package size.

Silvertel’s new high-efficiency DC/DC converter enables PoE compatibility

Silvertel has expanded its Ag9000-S DC/DC converter product offering to include an IEEE802.3af compliant version with higher power ratings. The high-efficient Ag9120-S module is designed to extract power from a conventional twisted pair Category 5 Ethernet cable, conforming to the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard.

The Ag9120-S offers the PoE compatibility signature and power classification required by the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) before applying up to 15W power to the port. The high efficiency DC/DC converter operates over a wide input voltage range (36V to 60V) and provides a regulated low ripple and low noise output. The DC/DC converter also has built-in overload and short-circuit output protection.

Featuring a package size of 56mm x 14mm, the Ag9120 also has an output voltage of 12V and a 1500V isolation (input to output).

For more information, visit the AG9120-S product page

AG9120-S datasheet

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Author: Garth Miller  Published: 11 Aug 2014

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